I first purchased these for my snowboarding boots as the outside of my ankle had too much pressure in my boots. After I put in the footbeds, that pain went away almost entirely.
I have high arches and have suffered from heal spurs before. My prescription orthotics were starting wear and began hurting my feet. I was looking for a less expensive alternative and stumbled upon your website after reading an article on running. I am extremely pleased with your products and the difference it has made in my workouts. I will be a customer for life. Thanks!
I have had problems with my high arches for many years now, with very tired feet after running and walking in general. Having had custom made orthotics over the years and not really addressing my problem I was somewhat sceptical trying the Active Medium, but I was very impressed after following the instructions. I am now feeling the overall benefit and they have improved my gait as noticed when I train. I will definitely purchase another pair shortly.
They work fantastic. I am a distance runner who is training for a marathon. I also am 5' 9" and 14 stone. I have a lot of strain on my arches. Before I started using the SOLE footbeds I had problems with plantar fasciitis in my left arch. Since I put the footbeds in I have had no problems what so ever. I am averaging about 40-50 miles per week in them. I did a 22-mile training run yesterday without any problems. I love your product and would highly recommend them to anyone.